Sloan and Turner P. – Sisters

Looking through my baby book, some of my favorite photos are of my siblings holding me. Their bright eyes and wide grins say it all.

I’m not sure what that sort of pride feels like since I’m the youngest (or “accident” as my sister would tease, only to be corrected by our mom as the “love child”). Still, I’ve had the opportunity to capture many similar moments with other families – most recently last week – and the experience seems pretty special.

Meet 1-week-old Sloan and her 16-month-old sister Turner. Parents Chris and Karly P. invited me over to their beautiful home to snap a few shots of the girls on March 13. What an awesome family!


Turner warmed right up to me and immediately started flashing smiles for the camera.


Karly picked out the sweetest outfits for the girls – red for the Badgers and turquoise and sparkly gray dresses that made me forget there was still some snow on the ground.




Sloan seemed so content throughout the entire shoot, and she stayed awake too!


Did I mention she can also pull off flowery headbands?




Turner was happy to fill in while Sloan took a little break.

DSC_4572_c DSC_4563_bw

Now back to more sisterly love.

DSC_4609 DSC_4593_bw

My favorite part of the photo shoot was when Turner “booped” mom and dad on the nose while she held Sloan. Check out these adorable mirror images.

DSC_4411_bw DSC_4412_bw

Sloan also tried on these mittens that her big sister used to wear as a baby. Go Badgers!


To see more photos, check out this album on my Flickr page.


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