Quinn L. – Welcome home

Some of our very good friends, Austin and Julie L. (who are practically like family), had their second daughter on Jan. 22, 2015. Her name is Quinn Joy, and she’s a sweetie pie.

By the time I write this post she’s already 3 weeks old, but these photos were taken at just 10 days old.

Her big sister, Paige Amelia, used to call her “Purple” before she was born. I think it’s pretty ironic Quinn was dressed in a purple outfit when I came over to take some photos on Feb. 1.


Here’s a flashback to some maternity photos back in September 2014. They came up with the fun idea to line fruit the size of the baby at certain stages next to Julie’s adorable belly.


Okay, now fast forward a few months to the newborn pics!

2015-02-01_quinn1 2015-02-01_quinn3 2015-02-01_quinn-paige1 2015-02-01_quinn-paige2

Quinn stayed awake for some of the pictures, but she got pretty sleepy as we went along. She is so precious!

2015-02-01_quinn7 2015-02-01_quinn8 2015-02-01_quinn4 2015-02-01_quinn5

So glad I could spend time with this awesome family, and get in more toddler playing time with Paige, of course.


See ya later, alligators.


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