Galapagos Islands

St. Norbert College – Geology Field Trip (2009)

Feb. 12, 2009 marked Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. A few St. Norbert College students had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands in the Year of Darwin, and somehow I was one of them.

This field trip was actually a course for biology and geology students over the winter term, but one student had to drop out because it conflicted with study abroad plans for spring semester. An email blast was sent out on campus to find someone to fill the spot. Because of my interest in marine biology and love for traveling, I jumped on the opportunity. Although it was expensive, the trip proved to be a worthwhile investment – an experience of a lifetime.


How did an English major and art minor get the chance to go? I acted as the photojournalist of the group, documenting everything around me in my field book and through my lens. The geology department even invested in an underwater camera for me to use while snorkeling.

Amazing doesn’t accurately describe the magnitude of this trip. I made so many memories and was able to showcase my writing and photography in various formats throughout the campus community. I wrote an article for the St. Norbert Times, showcased 10 photos for a student/faculty collaboration project and made presentations to students and the board of trustees about the trip. SNC Magazine also interviewed me for an article and video clip that included a slideshow of photos I took. Stay tuned for the children’s picture book I wrote that was inspired by this trip — set to be published in Spring 2023!