Nature Festival – Penokee Mountains

So far I’ve written about our hikes to the Sea Caves and Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and our glimpse of a snowy owl. The next two posts will focus on our second day of the birding and nature festival to the Penokee Mountains and nearby Copper Falls on May 15. Get ready to see a lot of water.

Our hike started off slow as my mom and I carefully tried to avoid slipping on logs and stepping into flooded grass and weeds, so finding a proper walking stick became a necessity. Getting wet feet or a sprained ankle on a cold morning did not seem like the way to begin the day.

Although we heard different kinds of warblers and flycatchers, spotting them (even with a camera lens or binoculars) proved difficult. After almost stepping on a pile of bear scat, I was hopeful we would at least see the creature – but no such luck.

2015-05-15_bird_penokee-path 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-moss

While local birding expert Joan Elias helped us figure out the sounds, Trout Unlimited member Bill Heart led us through the dense forest. He knew the area well enough to take us off the trail and road made by the mining company so we could experience the Penokee Mountains as explorers rather than tourists. He also introduced us to yummy Gin Gins.

Soon we heard rushing water, and for the rest of the trip we were walking alongside Tyler Forks of the Bad River.

2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-water 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-water2 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-water4 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-water5Resting atop rock was this tangled piece of driftwood.

2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-driftwood 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-waterflowers 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-rockwater 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-rock 2015-05-15_bird_penokee-tylerforks-rock2

Day 1: Sea Caves and Morgan Falls and St. Peter’s Dome

Day 2: Penokee Mountains and Copper Falls

Day 3: Stockton Island


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