Nature Festival – Copper Falls

Since we were headed back through Mellen after seeing the Penokee Mountains anyway, my mom and I decided to make a detour for Copper Falls to eat our lunch and explore the area on our own.

2015-05-15_copperfalls_water 2015-05-15_copperfalls_water2


Red-breasted nuthatch


Black-throated green warbler


Blackburnian warbler

I almost didn’t take the exit, but I’m glad I did.

Without a large group with us, it was easier to go our own pace and listen for the birds we had been learning to identify by call.

As we climbed the stairs and were almost walking among the treetops, the birds started to flit above us.

2015-05-15_copperfalls_bird-silhouette2015-05-15_copperfalls_bird1I’m still not sure what all of them are, but we definitely saw a nuthatch and warblers.

The walk was really peaceful with the sound of rushing water from Copper Falls and Brownstone Falls.

2015-05-15_copperfalls_water3 2015-05-15_copperfalls_treesThat night, after enjoying fresh trout and whitefish for the third night in a row, we listened to humorous keynote speaker Sharon “Birdchick” Stiteler, a birder, digiscoper and author, back at the visitor center. Then, we enjoyed the sunset.

2015-05-15_ashland-sunsetThe next day, May 16, was the last of the festival. We had one more adventure left on the trip: a Stockton Island cruise.

Day 1: Sea Caves and Morgan Falls and St. Peter’s Dome

Day 2: Penokee Mountains and Copper Falls

Day 3: Stockton Island


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