Family L. – Spring

Yesterday my husband and I went to see our good friends, Austin and Julie L. (who, I might add, are marking their 10th wedding anniversary later this month!) and their daughters Paige and Quinn.

It was a gorgeous day! While the guys were getting the grill ready for a cookout, the gals were prepping for a spring photo shoot.

The last time I took photos of the family in September 2014, Quinn was still baking in mama’s oven. Quite a bit has changed since then, as you can see below.

2015-05-02_family-l_then-nowPaige practiced holding the sign and sitting in her chair.

2015-05-02_family-l_paige-sign_bw 2015-05-02_family-l_paige-chairAnd Austin and Julie took turns holding the girls.

2015-05-02_family-l_austin-julie_bwEveryone matched in their peaches-and-cream colored outfits.

2015-05-02_family-l_sit 2015-05-02_family-l_standThen it was Paige’s turn to hold her little sister. She was so proud!

2015-05-02_family-l_paige-quinn_hold_bw 2015-05-02_family-l_paige-quinn_treeWhile Quinn went inside to take a nap, Paige explored the backyard and picked some lawn flowers.

2015-05-02_family-l_paige-tulips 2015-05-02_family-l_paige-pick 2015-05-02_family-l_paige-petalAfter some yummy brats, burgers and beans, the girls got in their matching “bee” pajamas and said goodnight.

2015-05-02_family-l_paige-quinn_chair 2015-05-02_family-l_paige-quinn_pjs 2015-05-02_family-l_paige-quinn_kissThere is so much love in this beautiful family. I feel honored to capture these special moments, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them. Happy (early) anniversary!



  • Emma Borth

    You have a beautiful family and your girls are absolutely gorgeous!!!! :)

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