Evelynn and Eleanor B. – Sisters

Shortly after Easter, our cousins Heather and Tim B. asked me to come back to their house to take pictures of their growing girls, Evelynn and Eleanor. I gladly accepted. When I took the photos on April 12, El was just a few days away from turning 3 months old!

Their matching pink “big sis” and “little sister” shirts were too cute. Definitely got me thinking about spring. 2015-04-12_elev2

I didn’t realize this as much while I was shooting photos of the two (since it was like rapid fire trying to get them both looking at me at the same time), but as I started editing the photos I couldn’t get over how stinkin’ cute El’s reactions to Ev are. Check out these before and after shots – sweet sisterly love to maybe a little too much…silly girls.

2015-04-12_filmstrip1_elev 2015-04-12_filmstrip2_elev 2015-04-12_filmstrip3_elev

So, Eleanor got some photo alone time, too.

2015-04-12_eleanor6 2015-04-12_eleanor5In between her sister’s outfit changes, Evelynn was sneaking chocolate from the eggs in her basket. Can you blame her?


Eleanor wore a tutu again, this time on a blanket that Heather’s sister-in-law made for her.

2015-04-12_eleanor12015-04-12_eleanor2It’s so neat to see their personalities and expressions change every time I see them.

2015-04-12_evelynn2 2015-04-12_eleanor3

Until next time.


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