Eleanor B. – First week home

Eleanor B. is two weeks old now! Last Saturday (Jan. 24, 2015) I took some photos of her at home with mom Heather, dad Tim and big sister Evelynn.

Heather always picks out the cutest outfits for the kiddos to wear — including the same tutu and hairband Evelynn wore for her first-week pictures.


Eleanor Grace B.


Evelynn Sue B.


eleanor_wk1_10 eleanor_wk1_11 eleanor_wk1_8 eleanor_wk1_7

And there was lots of sister love. Evelynn (who seems like she grew up a year in the last two weeks!) helped Eleanor get dressed, and she also held and kissed her hands while holding her. Adorable!

eleanor_wk1_2 eleanor_wk1_3 eleanor_wk1_4 eleanor_wk1_5 eleanor_wk1_9

Check out these before-and-after baby photos of the family. Taken Jan. 10 (left) and Jan. 24 (right).

then-now_bradley_family then-now_bradley_coupleeleanor_wk1_1


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