Arboretum – Spring Sunset Walk


It’s been almost four years since I’ve blogged, and it just so happens the UW Arboretum was my last post in 2016. I’m not promising any regular schedule of posting, but I will share when I feel like it. :)

Even though I went for a refreshing walk at McCarthy Youth Conservation Park yesterday, I had too much screen time this morning and needed another nature outing. It was after 6 p.m. when I made the decision to go to the Arb thinking not many people would still be there. The parking lot was only half full, and there was plenty of room to walk without getting close to anyone.

I had my hopes set on seeing woodcocks, and I saw much more before then: bluebirds, turkeys, magnolias, a beautiful sunset. Then when I got to the prairie at dusk, a few other people waited patiently for the peenting to begin. My hands were getting cold as I waited from 7:45-8:15. That’s when the sounds and displays began from at least two woodcocks. One of them landed 20 feet or so ahead on the path, but I didn’t realize it until its peent scared the daylights out of me. :)

I was getting cold and hadn’t eaten supper yet, so with my heart pumping I walked back toward the parking lot — only to see two does out of the corner of my eye.


You can see more photos (and the woodcock video) of my spring sunset walk here.

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